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Ruth Glen specialises in Bespoke Handbag Making, Design and Prototyping, offering a full or part service for all the stages in this process


Technical Services


End to end process management

  • from design concept to final working product


Bespoke construction and creation

  • leather selection, form, construction consideration, pattern and toile/mock up making

  • traditional and innovative techniques through the use of contemporary applications


The Process


I work closely with designers to develop and realise an idea or concept from a 2D spec, sketch or CAD drawing, through to the final production of the prototype.


Making with an aesthetic eye and close client communication, we create a first prototype which can go straight to Factory/Show/Photo-shoot/Exhibition/Catwalk


For example, the process can follow this route;


Stage 1

Client meeting – view designs, specs, drawings, considerations, including leather/material selection and suitability for construction, hardware, feel, look finishing, price bracket, retail, wholesale, possible future quantity requirements and factory implications


Stage 2 (optional)

Making a basic set of patterns to enable production of a soft toile or a more structured mock-up in card.  This gives the opportunity to view the design from 2D to 3D and, in turn, make any alterations required to proportion or design detailing before the prototype is made


Stage 3

Client meeting to review mock-ups/toiles if Stage 2 is included in your process


Stage 4

Produce first prototypes of the design


Stage 5

Produce second prototypes with agreed modifications, development or duplicates for Press/Factory/Show/Photo-shoot/Catwalk


Factory Support

Often there can be reluctance for factories to invest too much time in sampling and developing a design.  This can often result in a false economy, wasting money and time for clients and factories alike


We aim to bridge that gap, producing an item to exact requirements in a more easily controlled environment, particularly if you are producing overseas.  This leaves the factory in a stronger and easier position of simply having to copy the sample produced, saving time and energy for all involved


This enables clear and direct communication between client and factory, providing a more manageable, smoother journey


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